John Riggsbee Genealogy

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Born: 1839-12-00 North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Minnie L McCloud

Children of John Riggsbee and Minnie McCloud:
Sarah Riggsbee b. 1869-10-00
Dolly Riggsbee b. 1869-10-00
Rufus Riggsbee b. about 1872-00-00
Recy Riggsbee b. about 1874-00-00
Elizabeth Riggsbee b. about 1875-00-00
Hester Riggsbee b. about 1879-00-00
Pearl Riggsbee b. 1880-09-00
Haywood Riggsbee b. 1884-03-12
Alfonso Riggsbee b. 1890-12-09 d. 1945-00-00
John Riggsbee b. 1893-06-00
Aaron Riggsbee b. 1893-06-00
Minnie Lee Riggsbee b. 1894-11-00



This is a black family.

1900 census Columbia Co FL p130b
John Rigsby 62 B 1837-12 NC/NC/NC
son Ollie 9 B 1890-09 FL/NC/FL
son John 6 B 1893-06 FL
dau Minnie 5 B 1894-11 FL

1880 census Suwannee Co FL p346d
John Riggsbee 42 B NC/NC/NC
wife Luveia? 25 MU GA/GA/GA
dau Sarah 9 B GA
dau Dolley 9 B GA
son Rufrust? 8 B GA
dau Recy 6 B GA
dau Elisebeth 5 B GA
dau Hester 1 B GA

1870 census Columbia Co FL p372
John Rigsbey 30 NC
Minnie 15 FL
Sarah 8/12 MU FL
Dolly 8/12 MU FL
Seth Jones 17 MU FL
[He and Minnie are marked White, but the children are marked Mulatto.]

Strangely, there is only one 20-year old male slave of a Rigsby in NC on the 1860 census:
1860 census Chatham Co NC p69
Atlas Riggsbee household
slave (m) 65
slave (m) 30
slave (m) 20
slave (f) 4
slave (m) 2

Presumably that is his father and older brother. The youngest two are probably from the brother.
Atlas had slaves on the 1850 census, but they don't match these. His mother had several slaves, including a 20-year-old male and an 11-year-old male, and a 60-year-old male.

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