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 / James Rigsby
 / Daniel Rigsby|
|  \ Susannah Wright
John Rigsby |
|  /
 \ Lydia Stewart |

Born: about 1815-00-00 Smith Co, Tennessee USA
Died: (unknown)
1. (unknown) (unknown)
2. 1845-11-04 Margaret Adams

Children of John Rigsby and (unknown) (unknown):
James Richard Rigsby b. about 1840-00-00
Sarah Jane Rigsby b. about 1842-00-00

Children of John Rigsby and Margaret Adams:
H Lawson Rigsby b. 1846-08-00



I am not positive he was a son of Daniel, but he seems to be related to Harris Lawson, who I have decided was a son of Daniel. There is a chance that one or both were children of Daniel's brother Wright.

married Margaret in White Co TN

He was a farmer.

Could this be the John Thomas Rigsby who married Sarah Elizabeth Smith and had children John Shepher 1871, Lydia Mae 1871, Clay 1873, amd Mary 1878? He would have had to divorce Margaret for that to be true.
The tree at FamilySearch says John Thomas was born in 1820 in Sumner Co TN. My Rigsbys were the only ones in that part of TN that early. I'm sure he wasn't son of John, Wright, or James.

A query on this page says that John and/or his wife may have been American Indians.

If you are a male with the Rigsby name, and descended from this John, we need you for the Rigsby DNA project.
Email me at the link below, or see my announcement on Genforum: this page

He was a farmer.

I'm pretty sure he served in the Civil War (Confederate), 7th TN cavalry Co G.

Caron's Directory of the City of Louisville (KY) 1884, p622

John W Rigsby, carpenter Jackson & Spencer, boards 1102 12th

[I think that's him. His brother is also in Louisville.]

1870 census Breckinridge Co KY p17
John Rigsby 54 KY
Margaret 40? TN
Larson 22 TN
John 1 KY
Sarah Board

[It looks like the younger John is son of Larson. (See notes for wife of this John.) But where is Larson's wife? Did she die soon after childbirth?]

1860 census Macon Co TN p65
J Rigsby 44 KY
Margaret 33 TN
Celia 22 TN [Sally]
H L (m) 12 TN

1850 census White Co TN p120/121
John Rigsby 35 TN
Margaret Rigsby 25 TN
James R 10 TN
Sally 8 TN
Lawson 3 TN

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