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This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

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Born: (unknown)
Died: about 1799-00-00 Wake Co, North Carolina USA
1. Susannah Wright

Children of James Rigsby and Susannah Wright:
Daniel Rigsby b. 1784-00-00
(unknown) Rigsby b. about 1785-00-00
*John Rigsby b. about 1787-00-00
Wright Rigsby b. about 1790-00-00
James II Rigsby b. 1793-02-15
Elizabeth Rigsby b. about 1794-00-00
Dicy Rigsby b. 1796-02-17
Susannah Rigsby b. about 1797-00-00



He was born before 1774, probably around 1757.
He died between 1797 and 1800.

I think he was a brother of this John Rigsby.
They could be sons of Thomas or James.

On the 1790 census, my ancestor John Motley is on the same page as this
James Rigsby. Also in the area are Weatherspoon and Linn families. These families all ended up in
Allen Co KY together. John Motley's son James (my line) married Dicey Hopson. This James named a daughter Dicy. Was that a common name then, or is there some family connection?
The Motleys are from Essex Co VA. Is that where this James is from?

Or is James from Henrico Co VA? There seems to be a connection between this Rigsby family, the Burton
family that included Cuthbert and William Burton who were early settlers of Allen Co KY, and the family of
Samuel Miller who probably is s/o a John. For one thing, Samuel Miller married Elizabeth Burton (d/o William), and their daughter Ann married this James' grandson John Wilson Rigsby and became my
ggg-grandparents. Also, James' son John (father of John Wilson) served with Samuel Miller in the War of
1812, and John Wilson Rigsby and Cuthbert Burton served together in the Civil War. There is a John
Miller in Wake Co on the 1790 census 5 pages from this James. Cuthbert and William Burton were in
Orange Co NC, which is next to Wake Co. The Burtons and Rigsbys moved to the same part of SC at
about the same time, and John Miller may have as well. The three families then moved to Allen Co KY
together, where they joined up with a group of families from Wake Co.
The Burtons were from Henrico Co VA. One of the 3 immigrant Rigsbys was a James who arrived in
Henrico Co VA in 1637.
This could be a lot of coincidences, or it could be a big clue.
[See also my notes for Samuel Miller, John Wilson Rigsby, and their wives.]

This just occurred to me [2005-06-07]:
Many sites say that James Rigsby who married Sarah Thompson was son of George Rigsby + Hannah Buchanan, but everything I can find points to that James being a son of this James. (See his notes.) Also, I can't find any indication of a George Rigsby of the proper age to be a father of that James, and there is no George Rigsby on the census in Wake Co NC, where the younger James was born.
Could it be this James who was son of George + Hannah? If George was actually one generation back, that would explain why I can't find him.
I suspect that all the NC Rigsbys were originally from VA. Most of the early NC settlers were from VA, and I know there were three Rigsby immigrants who came to VA before 1700. [Also, see my notes for Elizabeth Howard, wife of this James' son John.] I wonder if there was a George Rigsby who lived in VA in the early 1700s. This warrants more investigation.

Another possibility is that this James has a middle name George (or was George James), and that his wife was a Susannah Buchanan who was called Hannah (or vice versa). That seems to me less likely than George + Hannah being one generation back.

1790 census Wake Co NC p263
James Rigsby: 1 M 16+, 2 M <16, 2 F
James Rigby: 1 M 16+, 3 M <16, 2 F

1800 census Wake Co NC
James Rigsby 1 M <10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 26-45, 2 F <10, 1 F 10-16, 1 F 26-45
Susanah Rigsby 1 M <10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 16-26, 3 F <10, 1 F 10-16, 1 F 26-45

[Susannah must be widow of the second one from 1790. You can tell by the number of sons over 10.]

1810 records for Wake Co are missing.
1810 census Pendleton Co SC p140a
Susannah Rigsby 1 M 10-16, 3 F 10-16, 1 F 45+
[John and Wright are on p141, and Daniel on p142. Jeremiah Smith, who apparently married the oldest daughter, is on p150.]

1820 records for Wake Co are missing. Tax lists show James Sr Rigsby and James Jr Rigsby.
I haven't found Susannah in 1820, but in 1830 she is in Allen Co KY.

From the Margie Boyd book

Wake Co NC deeds

Deed Book Q:277 John Rigsby of Wake Co to James Rigsby 1793-10-23 for L40, 200 acres in Wake
County on the south bank of Herrings Crk at the mouth of James Rigsby's spring branch, it being a
tract of land surveyed for George Taylor. Wit: Goin Barbee, Henry Megehee

[I'm pretty sure the John mentioned is this one, and that he is a brother of this James.]
[Is the James of "James Rigsby's spring branch" this James? Or is that a clue that their father was also James? (probably this James)]

Minutes of Wake Co Court

Book 2:571 1792-03-xx Road jury: John Rigsby, James Rigsby

Another researcher sends:

A land deed dated 1808-09-22 transfers 200 acres of land from John Rigsby of Pendleton Co SC, Susanna Rigsby, Daniel Rigsby, Wright Rigsby, and Jeremiah Smith to John Rigsby of Wake Co NC.

[It looks like Jeremiah must be the husband of James and Susannah's oldest daughter. See her notes.]

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