William Rigsby Genealogy

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Born: about 1808-00-00 North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Elizabeth Holt

Children of William Rigsby and Elizabeth Holt:
John Franklin Rigsby b. 1832-07-04
James Rigsby b. about 1835-00-00
Henry Rigsby b. about 1837-00-00
Mary or Emma L Rigsby b. about 1841-00-00
William L Rigsby b. about 1843-00-00
Leonard Nathaniel Rigsby b. 1844-05-30
Calvin Rigsby b. about 1847-00-00
Malinda Rigsby b. about 1848-00-00
Mariah Rigsby b. about 1848-00-00
Millard Fillmore Rigsby b. 1850-03-00



He might be a son of William of Surry Co NC, or Lewis of Wilkes Co NC.
Conceivably he could be the older son of the unmarried Elizabeth in Ashe Co NC, but he is a little too old.
Another possibility is that he is a brother of John E who also migrated from NC to IN. John was a son of an unmarried Leeann Rigsby. If this William is also from Leeann, his DNA won't match the rest of the Rigsbys. If you are a male-to-male descendant of this William, please contact me at the link below.

He was a farmer.

1860 census Madison Co IN p103
William Rigsley or Rigsby 52 NC
Elizabeth 52 NC
Henry 27 NC
Mary 19 TN
William 17 TN
Leonard 15 IN
Calvin 13 IN
Linda 12 IN
Doctor 10 IN [Millard Fillmore]

1850 census Wayne Co IN p91
William Rigsby 40 NC
Elizabeth 41 NC
John F 17 NC
James 15 NC
Henry 13 NC
Emma L 10 TN
William 6 TN
Leonard 5 IN
Calvin 4 IN
Mariah 2 IN
Olinda 2 IN
Millard F 3/12 IN

1840 census Johnson Co TN p271
William Riggsby 2 M<5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 20-30, 1 F <5, 1 F 20-30
[Henry 3, James 5, John 7, William 30, Emma <1, Elizabeth 30]

1830 census Burke Co NC p176
Willie Rigsby 1 M 20-30, 1 F 20-30

[Note: at the time, Burke Co NC was much larger than now, extending all the way to the TN state line. Johnson Co TN did not exist in 1830, being at the time part of Carter Co. Carter Co TN adjoined Burke Co NC.]

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