Sarah Catlett Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 10 generations back.

 / John Catlett
 / John Catlett|
|  \ Sarah Hawkins
Sarah Catlett |
|  / William Underwood
 \ Elizabeth Underwood |
 \ Margaret Roberts

Born: 1666-00-00 Old Rappahannock Co, Virginia USA
Died: 1726-00-00 Essex Co, Virginia USA
1. 1687-04-06 Robert II Taliaferro

Children of Sarah Catlett and Robert Taliaferro:
*Robert III Taliaferro b. 1688-00-00


from LDS site (AFN:CNBL-X3):
birth and death date and place, parents

from "Historic Georgia Families" by L W Rigsby:
A deed in Essex Co VA, dated 1687, shows that Robert Taliaferro and Francis Taliaferro and their wives, Sarah and Elizabeth, sold 300 acres, part of the land bequeathed to said Sarah and Elizabeth by John Catlett, their father.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 3836
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