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Born: 1751-10-00
Died: 1841-09-24 Wake Co, North Carolina USA
1. 1780-01-17 Nancy Harrell

Children of Frederick Rigsby and Nancy Harrell:
Alley Rigsby
Ann Rigsby
James Rigsby
Aley Rigsby b. about 1785-00-00
Tabitha Rigsby b. about 1789-00-00
John Rigsby b. about 1795-00-00
Thomas Rigsby b. about 1805-00-00



also married in Wake Co NC 1824-11-25 Cynthia Brasfield

He is supposed to be a brother of James and Jesse.
Is the James this one or this one? The former lived in Wake Co NC when Frederick did, but the latter is a better match in age.
It looks like he might be a brother of Thomas.

His children might include: Wooton/Woodson, Edward, Warren

His will names granddaughter Lively Ann. She has to be d/o John Rigsby and Elizabeth Glenn, because they are the only couple with a daughter Lively's age.
Because Thomas Rigsby married Milly Glenn, I'm fairly sure John and Thomas were brothers.

From the Margie Boyd book:

Wake County Court Minutes

Book 2:376 1787-12-05 Persons to clear the Roads: Frederick Rigsby and Thomas Rigsby.

Book 3:153 1794-06-xx Deed from William Reynolds to Frederick Rigsby proved in open court
by William Reeves, a witness thereto.

"North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970"
Wake Co Wills, Inventories, Settlements, 1837-1841, Vol. 24 p528

I Frederick Rigsbee of the County
of Wake and the State of North Carolina being of sound and perfect
mind and memory, do this the 11th day of November
in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
seven make and publish this my last will and testament in
manner following that is to say:

1st I request that my wife
Cinthy Rigsbee to have the use of the house and tract of land where
on I now live containing forty five acres more or less during
her life or so long as she shall remain a widow and after
her death for my grand daughter Lively Ann Rigsbee to have the
said land to enjoy full possession thereof during her lifetime
then to her heirs and assigns

2d I likewise leave the said
Lively Ann Rigsbee one bed & furniture

3d I leave all the
remainder of my property to wit all the furniture, horses, hogs
cattle of all descriptions to my wife Cinthy during her life time
and after her death an equal devision be made between Delia
Nipper and Lively Ann Rigsbee or if the said Cinthy Rigsbee
should marry, I request then a devision to take place and that
Deliah Nipper and Lively Ann Rigsbee to fall heir to all the estate.

5th [sic] I also leave my daughters to wit: Aley Gooding, Alley Rigsbee
Ann Walker [?], Tabitha Sikes, likewise my son James Rigsbee
Ten Shillings per peice

6th I hereby make and ordain my
worthy friend Buckner Nipper executrix of this my last will
& testament. In witness whereof I the said Frederick Rigsbee
have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal
the day and year above written.

[proved November term 1841]

He served in the Revolutionary War.
He enlisted 1776-05-09 in Philips' Company for 3 years.

"Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants"

Frederick Rigsbey NC, Private
1784-04-29 274 acres

Revolutionary War Pension papers

District of North Carolina
On this eighth day of February 1819, before me the subscriber, one of the Justices of the United States
for the district aforesaid, personally appeared Frederick Rigsby aged about sixty six years, resident in
Wake County in the said district, who being by me first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath
make the following declaration, in order to obtain the provision made by the __ Act of Congress, entitled
"An act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land & naval service of the United States in the
Revolutionary War". That the said Frederick Rigsby enlisted, early in the Revolutionary War, in Surry
County in the State of North Carolina, in the company commanded by Joseph Phillips of the fourth
Regiment, in the North Carolina line, on the continental establishment, in the war aforesaid, for the term
of three years; that he continued to serve in the said company, & in Capt Jos Reid's company of the
Second Regiment, to which he was transferred, until the end of said enlistment, when he was
discharged from service at Piranas [?], not far from New York, which discharge he delivered up when he
obtained his land warrant & has not seen it since. That he was in the battles of Brandywine, Germanton,
& Monmouth; and that he is in reduced circumstances & in need of the assistance of his country for support.

Sworn to & dictated before me, the day & year aforesaid
H Potter
f Risby

"US Pensioners 1818 - 1872"

Private Frederick Rigsby; 48.00/half-year commencing 1819-02-08 [through 1832]
Private Frederick Rigsby; 8/month [date not given]; 1833 to 1841
Cynthia Rigsbee, widow of Private Frederick Rigsbee; 48.00 beginning 1853-02-03; 1861-09-04
Cynthia Rigsbee, widow of Private Frederick Rigsbee; 48.00 beginning 1861-03-04

Wake Co tax lists show this Frederick:

1817 -- Barton's Creek district
1818 -- Barton's Creek district
1819 -- Barton's Creek district
1820 -- Barton's Creek district

Earliest Tennessee Land Records and Earliest Tennessee Land History

Claimant: Frederick Rigsby
File: 20
Assignee: James Bosley
County: Davidson
Acres: 274
Grant: 6
Grant Date: 1786-02-16
Entry: 751
Entry Date:
Book: 63
Page: 3
Location by Stream Name: S side of Cumberland River
Military: Yes

[That is definitely this Frederick, but he is clearly in Wake Co NC in 1787.]

1840 census Wake Co NC p165
Frederick Rigsbee: 1 M 80-90, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 30 - 39, 1 F 40-50, 1 BM 10 - 23

1830 census Wake Co NC p467
Fredk Rigsbee: 1 M 70-80, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 30-40
[That appears to be Cynthia Brasfield with him. If they were married in 1824, the older child is not their daughter. She could be from Frederick's first marriage, though he would been at least 60 when she was born.
Another possibility is that both children are from a previous marriage for Cynthia.
Another possibility is that Frederick had a son Frederick who married Cynthia, had two children, and died.

1820 and 1810 census records for Wake Co NC are missing. Tax lists for 1820 include a Frederick.

1800 census Wake Co NC p758
Frederick Rigsby 2 M 0 - 10, 1 M 16 - 26, 1M 45+, 2 F 0 - 10, 2 F 16 - 26, 1 F 26 - 45, 2 F 45+

[The older boy wasn't with him on the 1790 census. I would bet he is a son of the other older female. She might be Frederick's sister or something. The F 26-45 is probably from the other female as well.]

1790 census Wake Co NC p103
Frederick Rigsbey 1 M 16+, 4 F

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