DNA testing is a new technique in genealogy for matching up family lines. The Y-chromosome is tested for several "markers". The more closely these "markers" match for two people, the more closely they are related.

Since the Y-chromosome is passed only from father to son, two men who share a common ancestor should have identical Y-chromosomes. However, mutations occasionally occur among the "markers" on the Y-chromosome. Thus two brothers can have Y-chromosomes which match at all but one "marker". By mapping out these mutations, an approximate tree can be determined.

For more information about DNA testing, see the web page of Family Tree DNA, the company which does the tests.

This page contains results of tests for the RIGSBY name and spelling variations. The Rigsby name is pretty rare. There were only about 3,000 of them in the US up to 1900. It appears that they all descend from one family in England, so their DNA should be fairly close.

We would like to have more participants for this study. Participants must be males with the Rigsby surname, or some spelling variation. (If you have a direct male ancestor known to have changed his name from Rigsby to something else you are also eligible.) It would be most informative to have participants from England and other countries as well as the US.
If you would like to take part in this study, please visit the signup page for this project, where you will find a form to submit your request. You can also email me at hindskw at for more information.

Kit #Ancestor 390439389-1392 458459b 448449464a 464c464d CDYb
46305R05 25121313 1910 192915 1717 41
50596R05? 25111313 1910 192915 1717 41
54588R14.6 25121313 1910 192915 1717 40
93764R14.7 25111313 1910 192915 1717 41
93020R14.10 25121313 1810 192915 1717 40
57450R14.11 25121413 1910 192915 1717
99652(unk) 25121313 1910 192915 1717 41
66121R11.7? 25131313 1910 192914 1718
59053R11.5 25121313 1810 192915 1718 40
94699R17.1 25121313 199 193015 1717
45092R17.2 25121313 1910 192915 1717 42
59053R32 25121313 1810 192915 1718 40
823792R13 25121313 1710 192915 1718 40
230335R30 25141313 1910 192915 1718
401196(unk) 25141313 1910 192915 1718 40
102299R20? 24121312 179 182914 1617
92802R58 26121311

Note: The "markers" shown in red are known to mutate at a faster rate than the others. These markers should be most useful in separating out individual branches of the Rigsby families.
Note: Most of the kits have been tested to 37 markers. Since the results are mostly identical (except R58), I've decided to show only those markers where there are some differences among the kits.

R05 = James Rigsby b c1755 of Wake Co NC
R11 = William Rigsby b c1767 of Orange Co NC
R13 = William Rigsby of Louisa Co VA
R14 = Thomas Rigsby b c1760 of Mecklenburg Co NC and TN
R17 = Drury Rigsby b 1745 Prince William Co Co VA
R20 = Jesse Rigsby b 1764 of Orange Co NC
R30 = Thomas Rigby c1774 of Dallas Co AL
R32 = Gavin Rigby c1800 of Duplin Co NC and GA
R58 = John E Rigsby b c1810 of NC and Schuyler Co IL

The project is shaping up quite well. We seem to have a core group, with several branches that differ by only one or two fast-mutating markers.
Kit 93764 is known to come from Thomas' son Almon, but it matches exactly kit 50596, who I thought was from my Rigsby line. It appears I'm wrong about 50596's ancestry, and that he also comes from Almon, but I sure can't see any way for that to be true. All of Almon's grandchildren seem to be accounted for, and 50596's ancestor doesn't fit in anywhere.
Interestingly, we have markers that identify three specific branches of descendants of Thomas 1760. But all we know so far is that somewhere down the lines from Almon, John K, and Thomas Jr there was a mutation. If we get more representatives from different branches of these lines, we may be able to identify exactly which Rigsby men had the mutation.
Kits 66121 and 59053 also match on a marker but differ from the rest, so that one also can identify a line. But the mutation may have happened with William's father or even earlier, so until we know more about his ancestry and get more matches we can't know for sure.


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