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This is my direct ancestor 8 generations back.

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Born: about 1705-00-00
Died: 1771-00-00 Guilford Co, North Carolina USA
1. 1730-00-00 Rutha Baldwin

Children of Joseph Hinds and Rutha Baldwin:
Charity Hinds b. 1731-11-16
Hannah Hinds b. 1734-06-02
Joseph II Hinds b. 1737-06-17
Simeon Hinds b. 1740-03-15
Levi Hinds b. 1742-08-25
*John Henry Hinds b. 1745-06-09
Mary Hinds b. 1748-02-06


At first I thought Joseph was a son of James III Hinds, but this is wrong.
Another researcher sends:
James Hinds of Elizabeth Town who died in 1731 left a six acre tract of salt meadow to his son, Joseph.
Joseph Hinds who died in 1766, and whose will was probated in NJ, included in his will a six acre tract of salt meadow that he got from his father.
Our Joseph died in 1771, and his will was probated in NC.

In addition, Y-DNA of Joseph's descendants does not match a descendant of James Hinds the immigrant.

Huge news: We have found we are an exact DNA match to a descendant of Benjamin Haines 1643 of Southampton, Suffolk Co NY. Benjamin was thought to be a son of immigrant James, but apparently that is wrong.

Benjamin had three sons: Benjamin, Samuel, and James.
Samuel and James did not have a son Joseph.
Benjamin II did have a son Joseph. When Benjamin II's estate was accounted in 1734, money was due from Joseph, who was described as having run away. Note that this is soon after my Joseph appears in NJ.

He may have been a Quaker. All the witnesses to his will were Quakers.

He was a close friend of Ebenezer Byram of Morris Co NJ.

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From the "Early Records of Mendham, NJ" transcribed by Helen Martha Wright c. 1964.

Officers Appointed for the Town of Mendham:
3/28/1749 includes Ebenezer Byram Jr (clerk) and Joseph Haines (freeholder)

[note spelling of surname]

second marriage Susan (widow of McConnell) (see his will below)

The will of Joseph Hinds, probated 1771:

[Guilford Co NC Will Book A p150]

This is the 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 1770. I Joseph Hinds of the County of Guilford and the
Province of North Carolina, yeoman, being sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory,
do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say,

First -- It is my will that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid.

Imprimis -- I give and bequeath to Susanna my beloved wife -- all my estate both real and personal as long
as she remains my widow -- and it is my will that in case my stock of creatures is too large for my wife to
keep, she may dispose of them as she thinks needful, but in case my said wife should marry another man,
I order it and it is my will that she shall possess my estate no longer.

Next -- I give to my son Joseph Hinds -- five shillings proclamation money and further I give liberty to my
said wife to give her daughter, Ann McConel, one cow and calf next fall and not before -- I give to
Prudence Roberts, one cow and calf, in case she should live with my wife until she is arrived at the age
of 18 years.

I give and bequeath to my three sons -- to wit -- Simeon, Levi, and John Hinds -- after my wife's death or
marriage all my estate both real and personal to possess by them equally, them and their heirs forever.

I likewise constitute, make and ordain my beloved wife Susanna Hinds my executor with my friends
Jeremiah Reynolds and Isaac Beeson of Guilford Co my whole and soul executrix of this my last will and
Testament and do hereby utterly disavow, revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments,
wills, or legacies and bequests and executors by me in any way before named, willed or bequeathed that
ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and the year first above written.

Joseph Hinds (seal)

Signed and published -- pronounced and declared by the within testor the said Joseph Hinds to be his last
will and testament in the presents of us the subscribers --

Edward Norton -- Jurat
Joseph Caness

Way back when I started I saw a reference that said he was born in New Hanover NJ, but I have no
idea now where it was.

Among the Allen Papers in the McClung Collection in the Lawson McGhee library is a hand-written
ancestry by Helen Shrude Hinds.
The ancestry is accurate up through Levi Monroe Hinds, s/o Joseph Jr. For Levi's father, it has my John
Henry (though without the middle name). That is an understandable error, as John did have a son Levi.
John's father is given as Joseph. The information for Joseph mixes Joseph Jr and Sr and my John Henry.

Joseph's father is given as John Haynes of Nansemond Co VA s/o William Haynes of VA. It says the
spelling of the name changed during the Revolutionary War. (But this is wrong, as my John Henry, born
1745, is always given as Hinds.)
William is said to be of a Haynes family that owned land in Sussex, Surry, Isle of Wight, Nansemond,
and Norfolk Cos VA. [These counties compose the southern side of the James River where it enters
into Chesapeake Bay.] William and/or John is said to have moved to the foot of the mountains in
Franklin Co VA, and from there younger members of the family moved south to NC. [Franklin Co VA is
about 150 miles west of the above counties and about 75 miles north of Guilford Co NC.]

The ancestry then skips to a John Haynes who married Mary Mitchell in Hartford ENG and had a son
John Jr. John Jr is said to have married very young Mary Thornton d/o Robert Thornton + Mary Cushing,
and then later a second wife Mabel Horlangton (?). [This is Gov John mentioned above.] Several
children are given for John Jr, including John III who is said to have gone back to England. RootsWeb
entries for Gov John agree. Most show two sons named John for Gov John, one born c1617 and the
other c1638, one from each wife. Presumably the first died young.

Several lines of text are then missing, but next is mentioned that someone married Johanna Gorsuch d/o
John Gorsuch + Anne Lovelace. Anne Lovelace was d/o Sir William Lovelace. Sir William is said to be
the g-grandfather of William Haynes, supposed grandfather of this Joseph, implying that Johanna's
daughter was William Haynes' mother. Presumably John III married the daughter, as he is singled out

RootsWeb entries show this Johanna married to Thomas Todd, Henry Elderton, David Jones, or
John Oldston. No children are given by any of the marriages. Johanna's birth date is shown as anywhere
from 1630 to 1647.
Johanna would then have to be this Joseph's gg-grandmother, which means we have 4 generations in
at most 75 years. This is just barely possible, but as two generations are male it seems unlikely.
There is also a problem with John III 1617 or 1638 marrying a daughter of Johanna. Instead, it must be
a son of John III.

DNA sure seems to indicate the above story is not correct. There is a Haynes DNA project underway,
and none of their members are a close match to any of our Hinds DNA results.

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