Dorinda Long Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 3 generations back.

 / Nelson Long
 / James Long|
|  \ Martha Miller
Dorinda Long |
|  / John Rigsby
 \ Jane Rigsby |
 \ Ann Miller

Born: 1868-01-17 Scottsville, Allen Co, Kentucky USA
Died: 1954-01-19 Goodwell, Texas Co, Oklahoma USA
1. 1886-05-16 Hardy Vinson Willoughby

Children of Dorinda Long and Hardy Willoughby:
Henry Hubert Willoughby
Era Erline Willoughby
Tesie T Willoughby
Beulah B Willoughby
Bessie Delma Willoughby
Icle Velma Willoughby
Richard Ewing Willoughby


After Hardy died she married their neighbor Louis Burk Langley 1876-06-08 MO d 1950-06-16 Goodwell s/o Isaac Langley + Martha Ermin Lynch, probably in 1945.
buried in Texhoma cemetery, Sherman Co TX, section 6c, block 299, lot 4, space 7

1940 census Texas Co OK p23a, Goodwell town
Hardy Vinson Willoughby 71 KY
wife Dorinda 72 KY

1930 census Texas Co OK p281a
H V Willoughby 61 KY/KY/KY
wife Dorinda 62 KY/KY/KY

1920 census Texas Co OK p12a
Hardy V Willoughby 51 KY/KY/KY
wife Dorinda 51 KY/KY/KY
dau Bessie D 16 KY
dau Icle V 14 KY
son Richard E 11 KY

1910 census Texas Co OK p223b
Hardy V Willoughby 41 KY/KY/KY
wife Dorinda 42 KY/KY/KY
dau Era 18 KY
son Tesie 16 KY
dau Beulah 13 KY
dau Bessie 6 KY
dau Icle 5 KY
son Ewing 1 KY

1900 census Allen Co KY p244
H H Willoughby 31 KY/KY/KY
wife Dorinda 32 KY/KY/KY
son H H 12 KY
dau E E 8 KY
son T T 6 KY
dau Bulah 3 KY
son Page 6/12 KY

1880 census Allen Co KY p211
James E Long 43 KY/KY/KY
Jane E 39 KY/KY/KY
Alice 18 KY
Genevia 15 KY
Dorinda 13 KY
Willis 10 KY
Lafayette 6 KY
Albert 1 KY

1870 census Allen Co KY p208
James E Long 32 KY
Jane E 29 KY
Cuthbert 8 KY
Genevia 5 KY
Dorinda 3 KY
Willis 4/12 KY
James B Tinsley 20 KY

This is family #92. Family #96 is Aaron Willoughby, whose son Hardy married Dorinda Long, so it looks like Hardy and Dorinda were pretty much neighbors growing up.

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