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Born: 1833-00-00 Washington Co, Arkansas USA
Died: (unknown)


I have always seen that this William married Virginia (unknown) and had children Samuel 1857, Griff W 1861, William J 1864, and John M 1867.
However, that is from an 1870 census entry for an "M G Hinds" in Madison Co AR. The entry actually says "Hinsly", and is Marshall Gilmore Hensley of TN.

The Kay Lamb book gives his wife as Talitha (unknown) c1845 MO, with children:
1 Elizabeth F c1860 MO
2 Charles A c1862 MO
3 Sarah M c1868 MO
4 Ladonia c1870 MO
5 Richard Y c1872 MO
6 Samuel c1873 MO
7 Minerva c1877 MO
8 Mary J c1878 MO

I found the 1880 census entry for that family. William Hinds is shown age 42, born AR, both parents born in MO. Since the age is off by 5 years, and the parents' birthplaces are wrong, that must be a different William Hinds. (Unless, of course the census dates and places are wrong. Talitha's parents are shown both born in TN. I suppose it's possible that the places for William and Talitha were transposed.)

1876 state census McDonald Co MO p111
William Jackson Hinds 41
Talitha 30
Elizabeth 17
Charles 14
Sarah Margaret 11
Jane 9
Richard 5
Samuel 3
William 28

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 78
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